Mini Gaming PC looks like a Fallout 4 TV

Mini Gaming PC: In the spirit of Fallout 4, an ingenious modder has made a little gaming PC that looks just like something from the classic RPG. By using an ATSC TV antenna in conjunction with a repurposed Windows tablet, you can use it as both a computer and a method to catch up on your favorite TV shows.

Photos of the small custom gaming PC are shared in a Reddit post by BuildsByZeek. In fact, the design includes a little wooden keyboard, which the modder describes as a tablet attachment shrunk down. Bunny ears on the rear of the box provide its USB ATSC tuner a signal, just as on an old television set.

If you’re looking to play independent games or stream from services like GeForce Now, the Windows tablet in this vintage gear might not be up to the task. Fallout 4’s retro vibes on the PC make us curious to see what the post-apocalyptic RPG game will look like on its screen.

It’s encouraging to see hobbyists upcycling outdated electronics as a means of reducing electronic waste. Projects like these might help keep old laptop displays out of landfills by turning them into useful interior case screens.

Aside from the fact that most gaming PCs are quite powerful and showy, we’re witnessing an increasing number of bespoke computers. A doom-inspired contraption that looks like a BFG and an incredible Iron Man diorama are two of our favorites at the show.

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