Lenovo Legion 5 Review: A Gaming Laptop that Double Duty for Work

Lenovo Legion 5 Review: Perhaps the most well-known misinterpretation individuals have about gaming on a PC or PC is that you really want to spend heaps of cash to get anything that is truly worth gaming on.

Perhaps that was valid a few years back, yet the sheer number of truly decent, reasonable gaming workstations in the market these days is extraordinary for gamers on a careful spending plan. The Lenovo Legion 5 (Rs. 73,490) is one such machine. Intended to deal with most games you’ll toss at it, while likewise fitting in at a work environment, the Legion 5 expects to address individuals who are into gaming, yet in addition, believe that their PCs should pull twofold obligation for work.

Plan and Build

From the absolute first look, the Legion 5 doesn’t avoid what Lenovo planned it to be ­-a PC worked to squeeze into two classifications of machines immediately. Everything gets going from the perfect and insignificant A-board with the little ‘Lenovo’ identification on one edge, and the ‘Army’ marking on the other. There are no pointless plan styles here, and shut, the main motivation to think this is a gaming PC is the way that it’s marked ‘Army’.

Inside as well, Lenovo has gone with a downplayed plan – a presentation with tight bezels around it, and a console with a plain white backdrop illumination. All of this is enclosed by a moderately smooth, all-matte-dark body that makes this PC a somewhat lovely sight. Since this is a PC attempting to be the smartest possible solution, Lenovo has added a few elements that I value more working. The protection screen over the webcam is extraordinary, similar to the wide choice of ports that go around the frame of this PC.

Plan and Build

Lenovo has likewise assembled this PC very well. Where most spending plan workstations feel marginally frail, best-case scenario, and feeble to say the least, the Lenovo Legion 5 is certainly a reviving difference in pace. Valid, there’s still a touch of flex in the showcase, yet the PC absolutely never feels like it probably won’t deal with marginally forceful to perhaps oppressive use; and accept me, I some of the time hit the keys truly hard while composing and close the cover extremely frequently.


I have been involving the Legion 5 as my everyday driver for quite a long time now, and this 15.6-inch Full HD 120Hz showcase has not let me down. The slender bezels around the screen make for a vivid, while possibly not altogether historic experience. The actual screen is tolerably brilliant, however, I think the matte covering makes it somewhat less ravishing to take a gander at than a shiny glass board would. Try not to entirely misunderstand me, I’m not calling Lenovo out on this. Regardless, I value matte boards for the sheer measure of glare-decrease they do. At the point when this show goes faint, it goes ridiculously faint. To such an extent that seeing what’s on the screen’s almost incomprehensible. However, this has assisted me with gorging The Office as well as WandaVision without stressing my eyes an excessive lot. Seeing points are genuinely fair here also, and the presentation is adequate for the vast majority of anything you need to do on it.

I most certainly appreciate the higher invigorate rate which causes everything on this PC to seem smooth and liquid, and generally speaking, I can’t actually track down anything of import to gripe about with this showcase.


The Lenovo Legion 5 accompanies a Ryzen 5 4600H matched with 8GB 3200MHz RAM, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650Ti GPU, and 256GB PCIe SSD, and a 1TB HDD. Standard specs at a PC in this cost range. I truly do see the value in the mix of an SSD and hard plate here which implies you get a more extra room, yet additionally, the quick boot-up times that an SSD offers might be of some value.

Normally, with specs like these, the PC performs pretty well. Both work and play are dealt with quite effectively by this machine and I don’t actually feel it falling behind anyplace. Despite the fact that I would suggest topping off that subsequent void SO-DIMM space and overhauling the RAM on the PC for presentation help. In engineered benchmarks, the PC scores a fair number, at standard with what you’d anticipate from a machine of this specific type in this cost section.

For gaming, I played a couple of odd games on the PC. In Far Cry 5, the PC defaults to High illustrations settings, and the in-game benchmark showed outline rates going from 20 to 74FPS. That 20 casings each subsequent point happened once in the benchmark, yet entirely it’s anything but a decent sign. I changed designs settings to Normal to really play the game, and saw no casing drops or falters. The in-game benchmark showed surprising improvement also, going from 52 to 84FPS, with a normal of 67FPS which is fine for me. In Horizon Zero Dawn, the PC defaulted to Medium settings, yet for reasons unknown to the 1366×768 goal. All things considered, the game was dropping edges, yet changing the goal to 1920×1080 appears to fix that. As per fraps, the game was running on a normal casing pace of 74FPS which is adequate.

Other than games, the PC additionally functions admirably overall. As I referenced previously, this has been my everyday driver PC for a really long time, so I have invested a lot of energy perusing the web and composing articles on this gadget and I definitely approve of its presentation in such a manner by the same token. The Legion 5 effectively handles numerous tabs in Edge (however I guess Chrome would be more RAM eager and the 8GB RAM may be pushed a little there), alongside Word and Photoshop open for composing and altering pictures.

Generally, the presentation here is nice. It won’t blow you away with anything truly, yet as a spending plan gaming PC, the Legion 5 typically stands its ground with gaming as well as work. I in all actuality do wish there was a tad more future-sealing and better execution, yet basically, you get a second SO-DIMM opening to do that all alone if necessary.


The Legion 5’s console looks very like the ones found on other Lenovo workstations including the IdeaPad Gaming 3i. It has a comparable keycap plan, and the actual console is almost similar as decent. The keys feel material and there’s adequate travel. All of which bring about a satisfying involvement in the console whether you’re composing for extended periods of time (as I do), or gaming. There’s additionally a standard bolt key design here – something more I appreciate, and, surprisingly, a Numpad. I for one don’t have a lot of purpose for the Numpad other than composing in my login PIN, yet something is great to have, for good measure.

In the event you’re pondering, the console is illuminated, albeit this specific model has a solitary white backdrop illumination. I really like it as such generally, and this choice additionally remains inseparable from the work/play stylish that runs all through this PC. You can change the brilliance of the backdrop illumination by squeezing Fn+space to flip between the two splendor settings or turn the backdrop illumination off totally. Albeit for my situation, I viewed the console splendor as marginally disappointing when contrasted with different PCs I’ve utilized previously. There’s not much of backdrop illumination drain, however, which is an or more point for anybody who effectively gets diverted by things like this.


There’s additionally a fairly estimated trackpad on the PC which I didn’t end up experiencing any significant difficulty with. It accompanies support for Windows signals so you can utilize three and four-finger motions to perform different activities. Most frequently, I had a mouse associated with the PC, so my utilization of the trackpad was restricted without a doubt, however, it’s a genuinely responsive touchpad so assuming that you really want to utilize it, you will not be left disappointed by the experience.

Lenovo Vantage

For all intents and purposes with each Lenovo gaming PC, you get the truly valuable Lenovo Vantage programming here too. This takes into consideration certain powers over the Legion 5’s battery and execution settings, in addition to other things. Here you can see the CPU and RAM utilization as well as an outline of your stockpiling gadgets. I obviously need to clear out my SSD. There are likewise choices for Network Boost, Hybrid Mode, Touchpad Lock, and the sky is the limit from there. The ‘Warm Mode’ setting permits exchanging between three execution profiles on the PC – Quiet, Balanced, and Performance. Those names are plain as day in what impact they’ll have on the PC, and generally, you won’t have to mess with these at any rate; the Legion 5 does a genuinely great job of taking care of warm profiles all alone.


Lenovo has placed in a couple of speakers on the Legion 5 which, despite the fact that they are based on terminating ones, are quite nice. I’ve involved a ton of PCs in my time here at Beebom and most financial plan PCs sound dishonorably awful. The Legion 5’s Harman-tuned sound system speakers, then again, aren’t bad by any stretch. They get very clearly, and, shockingly, they even figure out how to deliver some bass. I will clearly still prescribe getting a couple of earphones to really appreciate music, however, these speakers can fill the need when absolutely necessary. For different things, including watching films, these speakers are entirely fair.

Ports and Connectivity

Port determination on the Legion 5 is right on track. The PC’s body is encircled by ports, including four USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, one USB 3.2 Type-C port, an RJ-45 ethernet port, HDMI out, and obviously, a power input alongside a combo earphone/mic port.

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