Learn How to Set Up a HomePod Mini

What You Should Know

When you’ve finished setting up the HomePod Mini, you’re ready to connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to it.
Follow the on-screen instructions after the HomePod Mini card appears on your device.
Setup by hand: Simply hold your iPhone near the HomePod and scan the QR code, or use the Home app’s + Add Accessory option.

In order to use a HomePod Mini, how can I get started?

Due to its lack of a display and limited physical controls, the HomePod Mini must be set up using one of the following devices: an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. If you want to use your HomePod Mini with it, you’ll need to login in with your Apple ID, connect to iCloud, connect to the same Wi-Fi network, and turn on Bluetooth.

There is no way to broadcast music through Bluetooth on the HomePod Mini. Bluetooth is only used during the first setup.

In order to use a HomePod Mini, how can I get started?

  • Setting up a HomePod Mini is as simple as following these steps:
    Wait for the HomePod Mini to power on after plugging it in with the provided power adapter or any other USB power source.
  • White light and a chime indicate that the device is ready to start, so keep an eye out for such signs.
  • Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch must be unlocked before you can place it next to the HomePod Mini speaker.
  • Tap Setup when your phone has recognized the HomePod Mini.
  • Home > + > Add Accessory, scan the QR code, or touch More options and follow the on-screen instructions if your phone does not detect your HomePod Mini.
    Select the room in which you intend to utilize the HomePod Mini, and then hit the Continue button.
  • Selecting Not Now will stop the installation process in its tracks.

If you’re going to use the HomePod as an Apple TV Speaker, choose that option and follow the on-screen directions before coming back to these steps.

  • Don’t Recognize My Voice is also an option.
  • The HomePod will use your Siri voice profile if you select Recognize My Voice. Some things won’t function properly if you don’t.
  • Choose whether or not to make use of your own data.

Tip: To access messages and appointments on the HomePod, select the Use Personal Results option if you have selected Recognize My Voice. Because their voices don’t match your Siri profile, no one else will be able to access your information.

  • Take the next step by pressing the Continue button.
    Tap to confirm your agreement.
  • Take a look at the Transfer Settings.
  • Wait for your device to identify the HomePod Mini by placing it in the camera window.
  • Wait for your HomePod Mini to complete the setup process before you begin using it.
  • It’s time to put your HomePod Mini to work! To learn more about what you can do with your HomePod, follow the onscreen instructions or press the X button.

My HomePod Mini doesn't have a Wi-Fi connection.

My HomePod Mini doesn’t have a Wi-Fi connection.

If you connect your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to your Wi-Fi network before setting up your HomePod Mini, the essential settings will be immediately transferred to the HomePod Mini. When this occurs, your HomePod Mini will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Tip: You can manually connect your HomePod Mini to Wi-Fi in the Home app if you need to alter the Wi-Fi network information for it to connect to a new network or it has the incorrect settings.
Only the network to which your iPhone was connected can be used by your HomePod Mini. Make sure your iPhone is connected to the correct Wi-Fi network before continuing.

  • Take a look at Home.
  • Press and hold the HomePod Mini for a long period of time.
  • By pushing at the bottom of the screen and dragging up, you can scroll down.
  • Tap the button to move the HomePod to a new location (new network).
  • Wait for an upgrade to the Wi-Fi network.

To connect my iPhone to my HomePod Mini, how can I do so?

As soon as you set up your HomePod Mini, it connects to your phone using your Apple ID. As a last resort, check sure your iPhone is signed in to the same Apple ID that you used to set up your HomePod Mini in the first place.

  • In order to use your HomePod Mini speaker to play music from your phone, select it as the audio output:
  • The Command Center can be opened.
  • Tap AirDrop in the media controls section (triangle with concentric circles.)
  • Select your HomePod Mini from the Speakers & TVs menu.
  • Your iPhone will be able to stream media through the HomePod once it is connected to it.

Is it possible to use the HomePod Mini without a Wi-Fi connection?
Once you’ve set up your HomePod Mini, you may use AirPlay without the requirement for a Wi-Fi connection. Home Settings may be accessed by selecting the Home icon in the upper-left corner of the Home app and selecting it. Select Allow Speaker Access > Everyone in the drop-down menu to enable speaker access.

For a HomePod Mini, how can you activate voice recognition?
Tap Home in the upper-left area of the Home app to get started. The next step is to go to the Settings menu in your home and toggle on Recognize My Voice under People. Now Siri can remember your name, access your music library, your Apple Music account, and more with this capability enabled.


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