Does Tesla make a phone?

The idea of a Tesla smartphone, rumored to be called version Pi/P, has been circulating the net. however how probable is a smartphone release? No credible resources have satisfied us of its life, but it got us wondering: what might a smartphone from the arena’s maximum valuable automaker really seem like?

There have been new reports that confirm that Tesla Pi smartphones with Starlink capabilities may actually be available on Mars by 2022. Among the blue stripes, we can expect to see the legendary Tesla ‘T’ logo. On the back, the smartphone will also sport a triple camera setup.

while Will the Tesla cellphone Be released?

Tesla has a record of releasing thrilling, even though still on-emblem merchandise like the Cybertruck-stimulated all-electric powered vehicle for kids, an umbrella with their emblem stamped on it, and a stainless-steel whistle. adding a smartphone to the mixture wouldn’t be nearly as unexpected, however, its release is not definitely as plausible as the one’s other gadgets, at the least not yet.

There are some primary reasons we are wondering whether or not this phone is due for a real release:

most of the rumors can be traced to an early 2021 YouTube video from adrstudiodesign, but it’s truly stated the ones are the designer’s ideas, no longer real leaks or details from Tesla. maximum of the ideas we have visible appear like based on that supply.

we will get into those more underneath, however, the ideas for this phone are a piece too advanced to be really proper now, like Neuralink assist and connectivity on Mars. Granted, one’s abilities do not must be blanketed within the first iteration of the smartphone, so a device could still be inside the works without those functions. it is reasonable to be skeptical whilst one’s ideas are thrown around this early.

If one of the distant facet consequences, or even plans, of brain-connected technology like Neuralink is to phase out telephones altogether, it might be counterproductive to place paintings into one.
If the motives of the one aren’t sufficient, don’t forget this remark from Telsa’s CEO at the destiny of smartphones:

Lifewire’s launch Date Estimate

some estimates provide a bold release date of 2022, however, we will take Musk’s tweet as evidence that these rumors are certain fantasies. Granted, Tesla should nevertheless release a telephone within the destiny, however, there is no purpose to accept as true with it will manifest with the records we currently have. If (this is a big if) this smartphone is definitely being labored on in secret, and every rumor is correct, there’s little chance we’d see this telephone until towards 2030.

Tesla cellphone price Rumors

A smartphone with all the advanced tech described underneath might absolutely price quite a number of thousand greenbacks. next variations could come down in price as more people begin the usage of the technology, however, we wouldn’t assume the first new release to be less expensive for the majority.

Assuming the smartphone is actual (again, we don’t suppose so), and that it might start off noticeably basic with only a few of the rumored functions, it would possibly sit at a greater sensible $800-$1,2 hundred.

Pre-Order statistics

We consider a declaration many months before the respectable release, so pre-orders should start early. but without a launch date to reference, we don’t have any idea when pre-orders for the Tesla cellphone ought to begin.

we will provide any applicable links approximately pre-ordering right here, assuming we ever stumble upon reliable facts about a release.

Tesla cellphone functions

considering Tesla’s over-the-pinnacle capabilities in their current products, like the Cybertruck’s nearly impenetrable exoskeleton and bioweapon defense mode in some of their different vehicles, the rumors about this phone are not unexpected.

A rendering of a Tesla smartphone showing facet and lower back view viable options.
unique rendering with the aid of Antonio DeRosa/ADR Studio.
right here’s what we’ve heard.

satellite net: SpaceX’s area-based internet service Starlink has near ties to Tesla (Elon Musk is the CEO of both). there may be even a case to be made a Tesla smartphone may want to assist finance Mars colonization, an aim of the employer since it was based. however, they’d have to find a way to not most effectively disguise the cumbersome antenna satellite phones have however guarantee correct carrier from one of these small tools. One principle is it’d paintings best where there’s already a Starlink base, like in a building or, if it ever happens, a Tesla car outfitted with the perfect antenna.

sun charging: Tesla manufactures sun panels in addition to vehicles, so this is not a far-fetched idea. it is not likely the phone could depend only on Sun, however, it is able to have a Tesla-branded case that permits a few amounts of solar charging.

car manage: there may be already a Tesla app for phones to carry out some primary car features: lock/unencumber the auto, manage media playback, and summon the car. This app would most veritably be preinstalled at the telephone, if not integrated to the running gadget for clean get right of entry to at once from the lock display screen or via outside buttons. it is also feasible the app could offer precise options only to Tesla telephone proprietors.

Astrophotography: contemporary phones already use AI and powerful cameras to assist whilst photographing the nighttime sky. add that capability to SpaceX’s extraterrestrial focus that might necessarily bleed over into this cellphone, and you’ve got a device able to extremely good pics of astronomical gadgets.

Crypto mining: different hearsay is it’s going to mine cryptocurrency. Musk has been public approximately cryptocurrencies within the beyond, so it is no longer unreasonable to count on he’d need to embed this capacity in a telephone. at the same time as Bitcoin is greater popular, and Musk presumably prefers the present Dogecoin, the rumor is Tesla’s phone might mine a new coin called MarsCoin (a name Musk himself has tweeted approximately). a few severe hardware could want to be carried out for this to work reliably.

Neuralink help: The idea of computers interfacing with the mind remains essentially technology fiction, and Neuralink is one of the businesses working on it. they say they are “designing the first neural implant to be able to allow you to control a pc or cellular tool anywhere you pass.”…with the pastime of your mind, simply with the aid of thinking about it. could the primary smartphone capable of such a feat be from Tesla? An early new release should run on any phone with the Neuralink app, however, it would additionally make experience to look it right here, considering Musk owns Neuralink.

Does Tesla make a phone?

it’s miles more reasonable to look something extra tame turn out to be had first—i.e., those first 4 or five features most effective, tied in with a Tesla-branded model of Android.

If this cellphone is real, and Tesla holds out a release till implantable mind-device interfaces are to be had, we will in reality need to wait numerous more years. even as it is authentic Musk desires this tech to be used in people beginning in 2022, it would not be available to all and sundry right away because the primary aim of the generation is to help people with paralysis.

It is predicted that the Tesla smartphone will feature a 108MP main camera, a 6.5-inch screen with 4K resolution, a Snapdragon 898 processor, and 2TB of storage. Tesla’s smartphone is expected to cost between $ 800 and $ 1200, according to LifeWire.

Tesla smartphone specifications and hardware

Assumptions are all and sundry can run on with this telephone, and with 0 reliable resources to apply, it is unclear what this cellphone should appear like on the inner. it would virtually have all the standard additives, like 1–2 TB of storage, 16 GB or greater of RAM, an AMOLED display, and a screen around 6. five inches.

As for the outdoor, test out the Tesla version P idea designs created by way of ADR Studio, the supply of maximum of those rumors. There are high-quality renderings you may glance through beyond those we have utilized in this newsletter.


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