BlackBerry IVY and Electric Vehicles in the Future

BlackBerry IVY concluded last week with its annual conference on security. Communication between Blackberry and its ever-expanding security services has become a divorce.

BlackBerry will have its first chance to set the groundwork for future software-driven automobiles at CES 2022. BlackBerry is helping to unlock the full potential of mobile technology for OEMs, Tier 1s, and end-users.

AI in safety solutions and in automobiles is used by a small number of companies.

As a result of its partnership with the automaker, BlackBerry is focusing more and more of its automobile development efforts on electric vehicles that require assistance to reach their full potential. There are currently 195 million vehicles running BlackBerry QNX software, making it the most widely used 1/three-celebration car operating system in the world.

In order to provide the next generation of car control and administration, BlackBerry IVY and Services (AWS) have partnered. In addition, BlackBerry highlighted the upcoming experience with electric powered-powered automobiles as part of this feature In my opinion, the plan is well worth preserving in its current form because it will have a significant impact. We’ll be back to my work this week, the Huawei Watch 3. Because it runs Huawei’s HarmonyOS, which is on the edge of surpassing iOS and macOS in terms of frequency of updates, it’s now the closest product available to the Apple Watch in the market.

the electric automobile power problem

the electric automobile power problem

There are numerous advantages to using electric vehicles. With my Jaguar I-pace as a motor, In addition to its incredible acceleration, it has an almost appliance-like driving feel (you may even have to replace your brake shoes), and it can go places that ICE (internal combustion engine) cars can’t go. In addition, those of us who own automobiles normally charge them at home. The battery life and lack of charging infrastructure, which lags behind the number of fuel stations, are two drawbacks of this mode of transportation. Of course, when gas prices rise rapidly, the gain that the gas station receives is being countered somewhat in the interim. Due to the fact that the closest Jaguar dealership is one hundred and eighty miles away, this lack of charging network trouble has been extremely upsetting.

I’ll be able to get to the provider in a reasonable amount of time, but the return trip is a whopping one hundred and eighty kilometers upward. It has been an eventful cross-country journey thus far. Even though I was certain I was running out of gas, the car automatically shut off as I approached my garage. Despite the fact that the I-tempo is a lot of fun to drive long distances, we’ll prefer to use our new Volvo XC60 plug-in hybrid, which has more than 500 miles of range on fuel and electric driven, to avoid battery stress.

In terms of OTA (over-the-air) software upgrades, this problem is at the top of the heap. The car was effectively bricked by an early update because it had not been thoroughly tested.

BlackBerry IVY to the Rescue

BlackBerry IVY to the Rescue

With IVY, BlackBerry and AWS are taking cloud integration to a new level. Carmakers save money by using IVY because it provides consistent software deployments across several systems, which helps future-proof the automobile. The OS (it doesn’t have to be QNX) and cloud systems (it doesn’t want to use AWS both) are also irrelevant. However, even though I expect it to perform well with QNX and AWS, where most of the testing is, it does not bind you.

What piqued my curiosity was how it may enhance the driving experience in an electric vehicle. The use of local processing power recognizes the person, sets their alternatives, and provides a power-green path based on the availability of chargers and past personal experience. As far as I’m concerned, this would mean that when I return from the issuer, I’ll be able to choose from a much smaller selection of chargers, and the system will automatically direct me to a level three charger if necessary. Because you’re not going to be towing an electric-powered vehicle, this is a must-have feature. Tow trucks can now rate your vehicle, but the majority still cannot. That means you’ll need to have your car taken to a charger if you run out of power.

Using IVY, your car can adjust for anticipated site visitors, who may enhance or decrease your variety based on factors such as temperature and personal characteristics of the visitors themselves. It’s great to know that heavier visitors can extend your range till the weather is extremely hot or cold. ICE motors are more efficient at highway speeds and less efficient in crowded traffic. Electric vehicles (EVs) are frequently offered as an option. Although IVY’s estimations have improved over time, they are still less accurate than most people would prefer, and it appears that IVY may be working hard to enhance these even further.

taking care of a Mobile Supercomputer

It’s partly because Tesla grasped that EVs are rolling computers rather than gas engines with electric cars from the start that the company has done better than other EV makers in general.

EVs are becoming supercomputers as they become more self-sustaining. Tesla, for example, is more like Apple than a traditional automobile company, and this has resulted in a significantly better personal experience with the vehicle’s mechanical features. While Tesla has had some major first-rate challenges, it’s possible that the company hasn’t yet fully comprehended the car as a component of the solution. In spite of this, the company has a propensity to be at the top of the heap when it comes to software upgrades, customer retention, and power control. In contrast, Tesla’s progressive behavior has been mainly Tesla’s. It appears that other vehicle companies have largely been mastered by doing, which has harmed their associated user experience. When compared to other carmakers, Tesla has a tendency to lead with a sense of familiarity in the driver’s seat. When it comes to operating automobiles, BlackBerry IVY may have an edge over Tesla that is even more customer-focused than Tesla’s, ensuring their superior build quality isn’t negatively offset by an inferior user experience.


The future belongs to electric vehicles. Among the numerous advantages, they offer is the freedom from having to worry about the suddenly rising cost of gasoline. Range anxiety still looms large over the beauty, and Tesla is particularly fond of the thought of a mobile computer.

BlackBerry and AWS have developed IVY to give a solution that can work with many car manufacturers to improve the user experience and the OTA software program replacement procedure, to ensure great and to delay much of that variety anxiety. IVY. BlackBerry and AWS. IVY. By using EVs instead of ICE motors, BlackBerry IVY may be on track to deliver the overall benefit of both a solid supply and a positive customer experience. With the help of BlackBerry IVY, we can ensure that future electric vehicles are free of the problems that plagued the first and second generations of these vehicles, allowing them to be more helpful and practical all at once.

For the first time, BlackBerry will be able to show off BlackBerry IVY at CES in 2022. AWS cloud services are used to build a software ecosystem for intelligent vehicles on this platform. Demonstrated during the demo are a wide range of potential applications for this platform, including improved forecasts, intelligent recommendations, and in-car payment capabilities based on data from many sensors within the vehicle.


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