A list of the best TVs for 2022

list of the best TVs for 2022: For a preview peek at what’s to come in 2022, these are the greatest TVs you can buy now as well as the best you can purchase right now.

As spring hits, you’ll begin to notice new 2022 televisions in stores and online. However, this does not imply that you should purchase one of these devices yourself. If you’re in the market for a new television, we recommend going for a 2021 model. If you’re going to buy a new 2022 television, you’ll have to pay more now than you will in a few months, when the prices are expected to reduce.

Based on my hands-on testing, these are my top picks for the greatest televisions now on the market. All sizes and pricing points of TVs are represented here, from Roku to Google TV to Samsung, but I’m mostly interested in those that offer the highest visual quality for the money. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider a local dimming LCD TV, a mini-LED, or a QLED instead of an OLED display. For the highest picture quality, an OLED TV may not cost as much as you think. Using CNET’s test lab, I analyzed the greatest television sets of all types based on my years of expertise. If I haven’t evaluated the most recent version yet, I’ll provide a section titled “2022 Outlook.”

A list of the best TVs for 2022

TCL 6-Series Roku TV

Such a low price for such a high-quality picture is something I’ve never come across before. Despite its low price, the TCL 6-Series Dolby Vision HDR TV offers superior picture quality thanks to mini-LED technology and the use of full-array local dimming, setting it apart from the competition. If you’re looking to play games, this display is an excellent option. We also love the Roku TV operating system because it’s the best out there.

Despite the fact that this TV was first produced in 2020, it remains a current model and remains my favorite. However, the 8K version from TCL and a Google-powered version that I haven’t yet reviewed don’t make sense to me (although TCL states that it has the same image quality as this Roku version).

A list of the best TVs for 2022


I recommend the LG C1 OLED TV to anyone who values great picture quality and is ready to spend a little extra money. It has the best picture quality of any TV I’ve ever tested. With its superb black levels, incredible contrast, and excellent viewing from any angle, it exceeds any other non-OLED television in this list. The best gaming features make it a great complement to a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Even though the C1 is offered in the greatest range of sizes of any OLED TV, the larger variants are prohibitively expensive.

The Samsung QN90A.

Want a high-end TV but don’t need OLED’s stunning picture quality? The Samsung QN90A is your best bet. The QN90A screen is brighter than any OLED TV when it is paired with mini-LEDs. The striking contrast of OLED TVs still prevailed, but the QLED screen came within spitting distance. The QN90B is Samsung’s version of the QN90A in 2022. Even though the “Quantum HDR” specifications of the 2022 version (24x) are lower than those of the 2021 version (32x), I expect it to have a pretty similar image quality. Samsung’s QN90B for 2022 has a few new features, but they aren’t groundbreaking, and it costs more than $100 more than the QN90A for 2021.

The MQ7 Vizio from

Is there an alternative if you can’t afford any of those three TVs? As one of the most affordable HDR-capable televisions, the Vizio MQ7 employs a high level of contrast and pop to bring HDR material alive. Even though it doesn’t have a 120Hz refresh rate, it can still play games that require varying refresh rates. If you can’t afford the TCL 6-series, the Vizio MQ7 is a solid backup option..

4-Series by TCL

Even better if it’s incorporated into the TV is Roku, which is best used for live TV streaming services like Netflix, Video. The TCL 4-Series may not be able to match the visual quality of the devices listed above, but for the price, it’s more than adequate for the vast majority of users.

OLEDG1P by LG Electronics

Please tell me this is the case. That you’re able to buy whichever television you want? It’s finally here. When it came to viewing angles, contrast, and uniformity, LG’s G1 OLED TV and the less expensive C1 TV scored the highest in my tests. With a thinner and more wall-friendly design than the C1, you can acquire this television if you appreciate style and have the money to do so.

In the V-series, Vizio

Our pick for a low-cost Roku TV is the Vizio V-Series. In spite of our preference for Roku’s smart TV system, the V-series comes with a few extra perks, such as voice search and a more sophisticated picture setting. When in doubt, go with the lowest option because the visual quality is virtually identical.

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