3D-printed titanium e-bikes that are sustainable

In terms of embellishing electric motorcycles, motor bumps are one of the most difficult components to create. They were delighted to discover that GSD worldwide could get lighter, more long-lasting, and a lot more powerful results by using three-d printing their bumps in titanium when they visited Sandvik to investigate the potential.

As we make our way into the e-bike age, our knowledge of e-bike components will only grow. Manufacturers face a variety of obstacles based on their objectives. For example, the purpose of Freecycle was to build a light bike. GSD Global’s primary focus is on producing motors.

People were hesitant to give up their daily trips in their cars for a long time. Although electronic bikes (e-motorcycles) are becoming increasingly popular, their impacts are unquestionably beginning to shift. This is in addition to the welcome thought that carbon emigration continues to rise, and the transportation sector is the most significant contributor to this truth. This is the story of how the first motorcycle with 3-D-printed titanium motor bumps was born. With a long history of working on rapidly increasing ultra-expensive bikes, GSD Global is a leading engineering and design consulting firm. Electric car guru Zach Krapfl is in charge of the group’s operations.

Traditional manufacturing technologies such as CNC are frequently used by OEMs to incorporate titanium. So when faced with the choice of another technology, they are hesitant because of the difficulties involved with this manufacturing process.

To Zach, “earth lovin’ and a touch particular happiness” are not mutually exclusive goals; they may be achieved by a combination of bicycles, mild electric automobiles, and relevant renewable electricity technology. E-motorcycle A.jpg of Zach Krapfl, dimensions 200×300 At the same time, I’ve discovered that people who switch their primary method of transportation to electric-powered motorcycles are better off in terms of their health, well-being, and environmental impact,” the speaker said in his TEDx talk.

In the same way that every other form of art is crafted by hand to suit a particular taste, immoderate-give-up motorcycles are also made to suit the tastes of true motorbike dilettantes. In an interview with Zach Krapfl, he says, “Handwrought bikes are the sort of merchandise that reaches straight to your coronary heart—they’re quantities of artwork, to begin with. “If we can provide those overzealous motorcycle manufacturers with a material that increases the durability and strength of their machines by 10-20 times, it’s a game-changer for them.”

Titanium is a sensitive metal, yet it’s easier to put up than other metals.

One-motorcycle OEMs are the focus of GSD international’s design work, which they apply to its colorful motorcycle OEMs (specifically, outfit manufacturers). They’ve been working with Bosche-bike systems for about a decade now. At various North American motorcycle shows, they claim there have been a verifiable number of bikes being given away.

In order to keep the electric motor attached to the bike’s frame, it is permissible to use titanium channels that, for example, form the motor knot. These channels are extremely sensitive to the use of computer-controlled processes, such as CNC. It was a pleasant surprise to GSD globally when Sandvik investigated the possibility of 3-d printing its titanium components and found they could reduce their costs by over 75% by increasing the design of the motor bumps and conforming them to be additively artificial.

In the near future, we’re looking forward to participating in this with a wide range of manufacturers, as well as introducing more cumulative corridors to the system.

E-bike Motor knot 300x200. jpg

“At that point, it became clear that the commodity was one that would not only show to be financially realistic but would also offer a tremendous improvement in terms of fine and energy effectiveness,” adds Zach. By providing their OEMs with three-D-printed titanium motor bumps from Sandvik, GSD international is able to help them construct the right motorcycles that will now not only deliver lower and hence be less profitable but also last a whole lot longer.

In addition to the economic benefits, titanium greasepaint and cumulative production offer a number of other advantages in terms of sustainability, such as making motorcycles lighter and hence more environmentally friendly. Installed electric motorcycle motor knot 300x200_

Sustainability advantages

Prior to going into more detail about why titanium is so beneficial, Zach Krapfl says, “We really wanted to incorporate the material advantages of titanium to our high-end electric propulsion systems for electric motorcycles.” He then goes on to explain the numerous advantages of titanium, including that it is extremely fatigue resistant and capable of providing lightness and life at that.

Starting with the motor bumps, which Zach Krapfl described as one of the most difficult to construct, there is no way to go but over. Zach Krapfl. ‘We’re very anxious to participate with so many businesses and to begin adding further and similarly accumulating passageway within the destiny,’ Zach keeps before finishing; In addition, Sandvik’s new titanium greasepaint production facility in Sweden will allow me to see all of the new Osprey ® essence maquillages from Sandvik in the future. ”


Motor bumps made of titanium are lighter, more cost-effective, and “quicker to construct,” resulting in enhanced overall performance and a longer lifespan for bikes.


GSD Global’s Zach Krapfl is the source.
Osprey ® Ti6Al4V is a titanium amalgamation of titanium.
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